MYFLOSSER  flosser , flossing device , dental floss holder


                                                  Innovation Flossing Device ( Flosser "Y" shaped design )

​The Flossing Device  allows considerable saving of the floss since during the replacement on the fork up to 3/4 of inch (2.0 cm.) of floss is used and the process of the replacement 1 second. The Flossing Device is so designed as to allow equally easy operation for the left  or right-handed users.   Fast refreshing process of floss material on the prongs, allows to users makes proper flossing process and use the clean section of  the floss to each slit between teeth.​  Recommended by dental professional:  ADHA  

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"Lit-Pack" Shenzhen Huicui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.​ works strictly with US inventor of the flossing device product , and has exclusive agreement, technology and authorization to produce and sell the flossing device.